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No Busy Signal

While driving along a road near my home that abuts a state park, my wife mentioned that she still had not observed any trees budding new spring growth.  At her remark, I also looked out the window at the park on either side of the road and saw no new spring growth, no trees budding that distinctive spring green.  What I did see was barren foliage — trees stripped down to the bark with a few tawny brown leaves (ignoring last fall’s eviction notice) still hanging onto naked branches.

My heart just sank a little, because I am so ready for a seasonal change from that long, dull, dark, overcast-gray sky.  That oh-so-cold Ohio winter can just go, now-now-now!  But that is not the way of an Ohio winter.  It fights, it resists and it lingers on — like the tawny brown leaves still hanging long past their season, on…

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