Drama Free?

My fellow blogger friend, Bahiyah Shabazz author of “Fabulous & Money Savvy” posed a question recently. She said “who doesn’t want a life without stress?”

That got me to thinking.

There are many people today whose lives are continually filled with drama — so much so, that to them drama is the norm. Difficulty and stress are expected and accepted. When there are periods of time in their life that are peaceful and stress-free, their dysfunctional mentality interprets that as abnormal.

Not only does this play out in the lives individuals and families, but I recognize the trend in our culture as well.  For example, look at our political experience. We lurch from one political crisis to another. We have become acclimated to strife and upheaval with no expectation of peace nor cooperation. Whether domestic or foreign in origin, we anticipate the next round of  calamity and misfortune.  Peace is not in the cards for us.

I’m reminded of a car I borrowed from a friend many years ago. She gave me the keys to her car and just as I was getting ready to pull away she said, “Oh by the way, when you need to get out of the car, you have to roll the window down, reach around and pull on the outside door handle to exit,” (The inside door handle had ceased to function).

“And,” she continued, “Do not  roll down the passenger side window.  If you do, it will not easily come back up.”  Lastly, she advised me to “Always put the car in neutral when at a red light or stop sign, because it won’t idle and will stall out.”  To me this was all a bit overwhelming, but not to her. To her this was the norm and she was used to it.

This anecdote is representative of individual and family life in much of our country and the state of our nation. We are in a “hot mess” and we are used to it.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life and by all means…

Have A Great Day!

Image: Drama Mask | Free Mask Gallery


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One Response to Drama Free?

  1. It sounds like the car we drove to New York and I remember trying to find a hill to get it started, again. It was a hilarious sight!

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