Not Rocket Science

The following is from a commentor,  James Kelly, in I share it here with you for your consideration.

‎”This is really not rocket science. For those who tell themselves that the Republicans are better with our economy and managing our debt, consider the following (and it’s factual): Bill Clinton, a Democrat, becomes President in1992. With a Democratic Congress he raises taxes, all Republicans vote against his budget but it passes anyway. The Republicans set about working on destroying his Presidency. In the meantime, Clinton brings us the longest economic expansion in US history, balances the budget, creates surpluses, and leaves them for the next President, who is Bush.

Bush, a Republican, has a Republican Congress. They immediately squander the entire surplus, and set about destroying the economy and creating record deficits, and two unpaid for wars. Cheney famously said, “Deficits don’t matter,” and the Republicans agreed. We go from a great economy with a balanced budget, to an economy headed toward a depression with record deficits. Obama, a Democrat, is elected, and again the Republicans set about trying to destroy HIS Presidency. Obama, under incredibly adverse circumstances, with the Republicans trying to thwart everything he attempts to do for our country, STILL is able to manage to keep us from falling into a depression and to turn the economy around with progressive improvement. Obama succeeded despite Republican efforts to sabotage the Obama recovery, like failing to act on the jobs bill Obama and the Dems have proposed and killing a bill that would have rewarded companies that bring jobs back to the US with tax credits and ending tax breaks for companies that ship US jobs overseas. And yet now the country is actually considering dumping Obama to put another Republican in office…even worse than Bush, implementing the same kind of policies that got us into trouble in the first place. How do you fight that kind of ignorance? Republicans keep screwing things up, Democrats keep fixing them, and the Republicans endlessly blame Democrats for the terrible results of GOP policies. And they get away with it. Consider Romney and his refusal to release his tax returns. Obama could never get away with that. Just think of the hailstorm that the Republicans would create if Obama lied us into a major war the same way Bush did. Not only would Obama be successfully impeached and removed from office, but the Republicans wouldn’t stop until he was behind bars, delivering a staggering blow to the future of the Democratic Party. What would the GOP reaction be if a 9/11 type attack happened on Obama’s watch? Would they rally around the President, like the Democrats did Bush, the way patriotic Americans SHOULD respond? Or would they use the occasion to attack Obama with the aim of destroying his Presidency? We all know the answer to that.

Ignorance and propaganda is a deadly combination. Is our country’s too dumb to survive as a democracy? That’s what the plutocrats are counting on.” ~ James Kelly,

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