Obamacare: Job Killer…Really?

13-31 million people will be able to seek medical attention on a regular basis.  Those 13-31 million people will create a need for more primary care physicians.  The need for more physicians will create a need for more primary care facilities.

The need for more facilities will also require hiring more nurses — RNs and LPNs, —physician assistants, STNAs, pharmacists, medical transacriptionists, medical secretaries, clerks, housekeeping staff, foodservice workers, information technology (IT) techs, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, administrators and an increase in medical suppliers.

These individuals represent paychecks that will be spent on paying rent, buying home mortgages, purchasing cars and car insurance, groceries, home furnishings, clothing, paying utilities etc.  Their tax dollars will go toward supporting local, county, state and federal governments.  That helps to hire more teachers to support local public schools, as well as hire more first responders — police, firefighters and paramedics.  Those tax dollars will also be invested in paying for badly needed repairs to our infrastructure — roads, bridges, sewers, dams, highways and support public transportation.

The domino effect is endless, stimulating a sluggish economy, thus creating jobs for a shrinking American middle class.

So the next time you hear naysayers and fear mongers insisting the Affordable Care Act will kill jobs, remind yourself  of the 13-31 million people who will be able to make an appointment to see a doctor.  Then think of the employment and salaries generated from that one phone call.

(image source: Muhammad Shafiq B Shah Ruddin)

May the rest of your life be the best of your life and above all…

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One Response to Obamacare: Job Killer…Really?

  1. People don’t see the big picture. You laid that out very nicely. I actually don’t think it’s about the care that people are griping about. I still believe that it is an assassination against the character of President Obama. He can say the sky is blue (and it is today very pretty) and they will say no it’s purple knowing that it isn’t.

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