Outside Thinking

Every new invention experienced on this planet came about because some one looked beyond their immediate surroundings, ignored the negative voice of the naysayers and plunged forward.  In the face of opposition and failure they refused to take “NO” for an answer and their roadblocks became their bridges. They persevered, energized by a strong belief in the possibility and we are the benefactors of their thinking. The world is a better place because of it.

Some time ago, someone got the bright idea — while looking at slats of wood used to drag a load upon — that if he could bend them it into a circle he would have wheels. No more laborious dragging . The guy next to him called him a dreamer and admonished him to get back to work.  Thank God he did not listen.   Scratch a flint over kindling and voila!  Heat. No more raw meat — “flame Broiled” at that.  Can we say Burger King?  Just another example of thinking out side the box.  “If God intended for men to fly he woulda gave us wings” (Ole Wilbur and Orville weren’t listening).

When you really grasp this idea of thinking outside the box, you will come to realize that there is no box.  And as positive as it may sound that the sky is the limit, there is just no truth to that.  The sky is not the limit. Think like Star Trek and “go where no man has gone before.”  The world is waiting on us, trusting us to make this world a better place, to leave a legacy that will spur on the next generation.

The next time you attend a funeral, look around at all the grave stones and ask yourself how many here died and left this place with their dream unrealized and still in them? Moreover, how many standing around you — due to doubt and fear rather than confidence and faith — have let their dream die inside them? The most notable thing about fear and faith is that both have something in common: both deal in the unknown.  Decision is the division between the two.

Thanks for sharing some of your time with my time. May the rest of your life be the best of your life and above all…

Have A Great Day!

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2 Responses to Outside Thinking

  1. oldereyes says:

    I really like that … there is no box. I’m inclined to think the reason for that is that out inventions and inspirations come through us not from us … from our Creator … and we only think there’s a box when we interfere with the process.

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