Leave Well Enough Alone!

I am not racists.

I am not misogynistic

I post this because it is just down right funny. Someone posted this on their Facebook page with no credit attached to it.  Try as I might, I could not source it out either.  I present this for entertainment purposes only.

Have A Great Day!


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7 Responses to Leave Well Enough Alone!

    • nobusysignal says:

      Bonnie, thanks so much for stopping by. I might say that I had reference to the articles origination and the original image source. If you Google “where white man went wrong” you will see apprx. 20 reproductions of the above pic each from different source points. I just could not pin down origination (article and pic).

  1. thekayray says:

    I agree it is funny in a sad way. My maternal great grandparents were on the trail of tears and the stories that have been passed down in my family are not happy ones.

  2. Heir says:

    Peace Be With YOU!!

    My Grand Dad was a red skin man… a natural man and I for one am glad to see the humor and the truth…even on a blog!! LOL

  3. oldereyes says:

    Great post, Morris. Bu who you calling white man, Kemo Sabe?

    • nobusysignal says:

      Oldereyes (Bud), I see you have heard that old joke as well. Thanks for stopping by my spot. I am working on a new post involving a quote from Abraham Lincoln, Can’t seem to tie it together yet. Maybe I could run the draft by you for critiquing.

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