What You Say!

The English language is always evolving and new words are added to our vocabulary every year. This year I have decided to get a jump on the authoritative powers that be and provide a list of new words I have encountered in 2011 (OK, so they may or may not be new, there new to me):

1). Frienemy — (friend-enemy)  Someone who will stab you in your back; talk about you behind your back; and generally become intimate with you and your significant other, so as to destroy the relationship, all while smiling in your face.

2). Wubby — (wife-hubby) Description of one partner in a homosexual relationship (which one I don’t know).

3). Wusband – (was-husband)  Nuff said.

4). Hellimony – (hell-alimony) What she has to go through to get the court-ordered finances due her.

I actually came across these words used by various writers and recorded them because I

found them intriguing.  I’d be interested in hearing from others what new vernacular you

may have encountered throughout this year.

(image: Studyzone.org)

Have A Great Day!

May the rest of your life be the best of your life.


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2 Responses to What You Say!

  1. oldereyes says:

    Are you familiar with Sniglets? A few years ago they were quite popular, made up words like:

    Ignisecond – the amount of time that passes between the time you notice your keys in the ignition and lock the door.

    Expressholes – people who get in the 10 Items or Less line at the market with more than ten items.

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