Gossip- A Need To Know

I recall dining at a buffet one Sunday after church, with some friends and new acquaintances to fellowship. The meal was “buffet-style-ok” and the conversation was great until a couple stopped by our table with plates in hand, to say hello.  After their short greeting, the couple continued on to their table.  That’s when one in our group proceeded to fill us in on some of the past history of the two — that they were once heavy users of drugs and alcohol; that the wife was bi-sexual; and they both had participated in the swingers’ scene at one time.

I sat there and glanced back over my shoulder at the couple (who looked normal enough to me) and wondered how the person sharing their story could be so intimately knowledgeable about their past.  Was there more to the involvement with this couple than that person was letting on?  People are like that you know — quick to tell yours and slow to tell theirs.

It took my mind went back to an old deacon I knew who grew up in Mississippi.  Any time a conversation turned to gossip,  he’d say “Mark dem dat gossip.  A dog dat bring a bone will take a bone.”  Translation: beware of the person who brings information to you about others, for you will be the topic of conversation at the place he stops next.


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7 Responses to Gossip- A Need To Know

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    So true brother! Thanks!

  2. Bill Smith says:

    Gossip has one purpose: to destroy. Shame on the gossips!

    It reminds me of the time a group of us left church at midday and went to a fast food restaurant. One of the group – a young boy, went around the restaurant, gathering up packets of ketchup and salt. He was loaded down when he returned to our tables, and said, “Here you are, mom!” His mother thanked him and opened her handbag into which he dropped the goods. It was quite obvious that this was a regular practice because his mother didn’t have to tell him to do it, and she was ready to receive it. It comes as a bit of a shock when one of your own church friends stoops to such a thing.

    • nobusysignal says:

      @ Bill, as inappropriate as that might seem, the question I came away with was, was that a need or was it hoarding or theft? Love is the guide, If it is a need then how can I help? if it is hoarding or theft then how can I disciple/assist? Thinking of Matthew 18:22, but I suspect you know this situation better than I.

  3. oldereyes says:

    Amen! I’m afraid I didn’t learn this lesson very well until my late forties.

  4. True words. I feel sorry for those who live for gossip. If they realised the true beauty of life, they would be more concerned with how they were living it themselves, than how others are living theirs.

    Much Blessings

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