The theme and purpose of my blog is to promote inspiration, encouragement, forgiveness and enlightenment through acknowledgement of an Ultimate Supreme Creator and the universal laws HE has put in place. I usually try not to stray too far from my stated objective — but not today.

It is nigh impossible to ignore the seemingly tragic political situation we are facing here in the United States. Moreover, one of the oddities of this political circus is Mr. Herman Cain running on the opposition party ticket and his signature mantra of “nine-nine nine.”

It is my strong belief that this party will never anoint him as the choice to head their ticket going into the general election. It is way too much to ask or expect of the G.O.(tea) party that they could actually cross that line.

However, Mr Cain has successfully drummed that little ditty into our minds, much like a silly song lodged in the brain that won’t go away…nine-nine-nine.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that next year, when it is time to actually nominate the person who will represent the Republican party, the delegates will emphatically reject his nomination.  Borrowing from the German language, Republican party delegates will sing this little ditty en masse, “nein-Nein-NEIN!”

Flavor of the Month is the best you can expect Mr. Cain, because you leave a bad taste in their mouth and it’s a line they just can not cross.

Have A Great Day!
May the rest of your life be the best of your life.

(pictorial image Herman Cain-Google images)


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4 Responses to nine-Nine-NINE!

  1. Horse-Girl says:

    Hey, Morris!!
    I am a white female Conservative Republican (leaning towards libertarianism) and I’m surprised by your thoughts! I agree that the GOP will most likely select a different candidate, but only because I’m afraid the MEDIA will completely trash Mr. Cain and destroy all hopes of him leading our nation. It is my theory that the MEDIA cannot handle a Conservative Republican African -American running for president…..this flies in the face of their theory that all Conservative Republicans are rich white people, most of whom must be racists.

    After watching parts (I’ll be honest, not all) of the debate earlier in the week…my choice for 2012 is HERMAN CAIN!! (and 9-9-9 rocks!! IMHO, of course.)

    Peace!! I love your blog…’s nice to see you back after your hiatus!!

    • nobusysignal says:

      Dear Horse-girl, thanks for your feed back. I appreciate your perspective and the positivity of your words. I can be wrong. In this case it would be nice if I am.

  2. Samuel Hampton says:

    This will be something to watch in the future! Keep your blogs coming!

  3. My familiarity with American politics is limited, but I’m a victim of the Welsh Assembly as a “Client” of the SYSTEM. The rules and regulations are far more Ridiculous than anything America can come up with…yes I believe in The Maker!

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