I Am

I am.  Those two words combined together are very powerful.  Early on the question was asked, “What is your name?  What shall I tell them when they ask?”  The answer came back, “Tell them my name is I AM.”  I mused over those two words for a time and then I silently said the words to myself…”I am.”   I said it aloud…”I am!”  Because I know the story behind those two words, it felt awkward saying it (I am not THE I AM).  Yet I (Morris E. Wray) am (alive, sentient and able) — a small “i” that resembles the big “I”.

Much of the time I do not think in terms of I am: that I can; that I am able and capable.  A thought process such as this is energizing, self affirming, self directed and encouraging.  It gives me identity.  It is a thought process that needs to be consciously embraced.  It is a thought process that needs to be reaffirmed daily.  Human nature being what it is, I may acknowledge my need to consciously embrace a mindset of  “I am and that I am capable”. But without a daily reaffirmation, it will go the way of all good intentions (ie., annual New Years resolutions).  I have embarked on a path of discovery and implementation and I want to share it with you my readers.

Three times daily I verbally reaffirm my identity. I tell myself who I am.  And while I realize that what I speak may not exactly match reality in all areas of my life, I refuse to accept or settle for less.  I choose a road less traveled.  I speak as though my pronouncements are actualities now.

I am free.  I see all things with perfect clarity.  I am productive.  I see my all projects through to completion.  I am witty and humorous.  But most importantly,  I  live to  serve, encourage, and educate humanity.

I embrace and reaffirm these thoughts daily, because I am.  My prayer for you my reader is that the thoughts of “I am” will have a positive effect in your life, and a lasting affect in the lives of those you encounter.

Have A Great Day!


A big thanks to “oldereyes.wordpress.com”  I appreciated the word of encouragement.


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7 Responses to I Am

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    I Like this post!

  2. marjulo says:

    I really like this idea for a post! I’ve started a notebook of blogging ideas, to which I am adding , “I am.” You handled it very well. I feel like I know you better after reading this essay.

  3. Very well written Morris. I agree, when you reaffirm who your are (I am somebody) and who you are in Christ (I am a child of the King), and who He is (I AM your provider) it gives you a certain power to help you get through a lot of things that come at you during your lifetime.

  4. Christine says:

    Beautifully said, thank you for the expression.

  5. mlb says:

    This blog helps me see my inadequacies, and in knowing that, it gives me a greater hope in the I AM; that i am able to do and become all that I AM said i am. I just have to believe and decree it over myself.

  6. Bobby Clubbs says:

    Very well written! This is the type of thing more people need to read. Did you know that WordPress.com recently added a feature that allows for “sharing” buttons at the bottom of each post for Twitter, Facebook, etc? You should definitely add it. I have a feeling folks would want to share your work.

    I recently did a podcast on the topic of affirmations, which has a similar theme to this post.

    Thanks again for your post!

  7. Tineeka Green says:

    I really like your blog! x

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