A Poem Of Love (reposted)

xxii. Scar

April 14, 2011

Nothing makes a spark like love –
a flame you cannot hide;
a torch you bear with pleasure
that cannot be controlled.

Nothing leaves a scar like love –
a mark you’ll never lose;
a tear between two souls
that never heals.

Nothing leaves a ghost like love –
the memories you won’t forget;
the shadows in the corners of your heart
that won’t be lit.

Nothing leaves its mark like love –
that look that will not leave your face;
that stunted smile, those tortured lips
that will not be at ease.

Author: Karl Millsom
Website: dropsofanguish.wordpress.com

About nobusysignal

Educated, interested and very much alive!
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4 Responses to A Poem Of Love (reposted)

  1. dustandwater says:

    Thanks so much for the repost; I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my work. How did you come across it, if I might ask?

    • nobusysignal says:

      Karl, being a sophomore level blogger, I often read the posts of other bloggers and will at times share their work with my readers to further their exposure. I liked your poem and wanted share it. Have A Great day!

  2. marjulo says:

    Beautiful poem! So well written and evocative.

  3. oldereyes says:

    A beautiful poem. After forty plus years with the same woman, I find that everything it says is, perhaps, softened but certainly deepened.

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