DEAD Things

While driving along a road near my home that abuts a state park, my wife mentioned that she still had not observed any trees budding new spring growth.  At her remark, I also looked out the window at the park on either side of the road and saw no new spring growth, no trees budding that distinctive spring green.  What I did see was barren foliage — trees stripped down to the bark with a few tawny brown leaves (ignoring last fall’s eviction notice) still hanging onto naked branches.

My heart just sank a little, because I am so ready for a seasonal change from that long, dull, dark, overcast-gray sky.  That oh-so-cold Ohio winter can just go, now-now-now!  But that is not the way of an Ohio winter.  It fights, it resists and it lingers on — like the tawny brown leaves still hanging long past their season, on trees that have no use for them.

You know life is like that.  Sometimes, we keep things in our lives that have long past their usefulness and far exceeded their shelf life. To see a toddler in his Easter Sunday outfit outside, splashing and wallowing in mud is understandable. What is not understandable is to see a grown man or woman dressed the same way, doing the same thing.

There are people, places and things from long past seasons of our lives that need to go. Those people, places or things may have served a purpose then, but not now.  They need to go.  Like last season’s leaves now long deceased, they hang on and impede this season’s new growth.

No matter how comforting his or her voice or presence, no matter how familiar the place and memories conjured up by the thing you just can’t seem to let go of…it’s time.  It’s a new season.  Don’t let what is dead impede new blessings coming your way.

It’s time to let go. This ain’t Lazarus. It’s been dead longer than four days and ain’t nobody calling it by name but you.  Let it go.

Have A Great Day!


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6 Responses to DEAD Things

  1. Margaret James says:

    I love this post. Great words of wisdom here!

  2. Samuel Hampton says:

    Another great post! Sunday’s weather was such encouragement for Spring! Many times to move forward, one mus tlet go of the past!

    Another great post! Sunday’s weather was an encouragement toward Spring!

  3. L.S. Floyd says:

    WOW! What a confirmation for me. Over the last five days I attended a conference at my church entitled, “Spring Forward.” Although you weren’t there, you reitterated a key point — it’s time to move forward.

  4. Horse-Girl says:

    Excellent post and exactly what I needed to read this morning. Bless you!!

  5. Thanks for directing me to this Morris, I love the message! Spring is always a good time to reevaluate life and make changes. Those who love your post may also love my post “A Command to Move.”

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