We Belong Together!

Yippee!  kudos goes to Randy Newman and  winning a well deserved Oscar for his work in Toy Story 3.  Good on ya mate!  I just love the song, “We belong Together.”  When I first heard the song it put me in the mind of one person in particular –that “we belong together.”  I felt it so strongly that I married her.

The lyrics are somewhat similar to our experience “…don’t you walk away…don’t you tell me that I don’t care, cause I do…don’t you tell me I’m not the one…don’t you tell me I’m not no fun…we belong together”.

Hope you like the song as much as I, and as always

Have A Great Day!


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One Response to We Belong Together!

  1. oldereyes says:

    Love the song … Randy Newman AND the movie.

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