Route 39 east

Quite a few years ago, I drove delivery and pick up for a light freight company.  Part of my route took me through a very picturesque area of southern Ohio. In the spring and fall of the year (particularly in the fall) the foliage on the winding back country roads was a beautiful sight to behold.  Route 39 in particular, with it’s long stretches, tight turns and sometimes roller coaster effect was an enjoyable part of my assigned trip. There were farm houses and large pastures — some with cows, some with horses and some with sheep. One thing I do remember is that there were certain spots along this route that were not very attractive to look at.  In my estimation, certain areas were out of place or unkempt and took away from the overall beauty of the surroundings.  As I contemplated State Route 39,  for some reason I thought about and compared it to marriage.

As I remember it, well over 90% of the ride along this state route is beautiful, pristine, picturesque (and several other superlatives that come to mind to describe this country road).  It had just a few bad spots here and there.  It would be strange indeed to discount the scenic beauty of this area based on those few bad spots.

And so it can be said of marriage.

In the best of marital relationships there will be those inevitable hard spots, some periods of confusion and disagreements.  Notwithstanding, the overall outlook in the relationship is good and expectantly hopeful.

Much of the time the problems can be traced back to some things done or not done, words said or not said, and who’s responsibility it is or who was responsible for it.  The following quote is substantially good advice applicable to experiencing a happy marriage.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.
– Benjamin Franklin

Please keep in mind, there will be some winter experiences in marriages where things can be awful cold and harsh, but those are also good opportunities  for cuddling up close under a blanket and keeping each other warm.

Croft M. Pentz,  in his book, The Complete Book Of Zingers,  says “When a man marries a woman, they become one — the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.”

“Have A Great Day!”


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7 Responses to Route 39 east

  1. Cathy says:

    Keep up the good work Morris…I LOVE reading your posts!

  2. What a wonderful comparison to marriage — especially as I am a newly married person. It’s a good reminder to focus on the 90% positive. I think, with most things, people tend to focus on the negative. Love the quote by Ben Franklin.

  3. Morris, this is absolutely beautiful! I’ll have to remember this…

  4. Samuel Hampton says:

    Like this one too. One thing that has helped me is not to require perfection from my wife when I have not met the same perfection. Love should be unconditional!

  5. oldereyes says:

    Nice post and definitely true. Taking care of my side of the street and leaving my wife’s to her makes things a lot smoother. I like what you’re doing here. I’ll be back from time to time …


  6. Colin Wu says:

    Hi Morris,

    This is why I so enjoy reading other people’s blogs. There is probably a unique perspective for each and every person on the planet, and a few of them are actually enlightening. This post is one of those. Well done.

    [A shameless plug] I invite you to have a gander at one of my own recent posts on the same topic (marriage, not route 39). I’d be interested in your comments.

  7. Ebony says:

    This was really great, me being a young married woman i know that this was very benefical to me! I love you cant wait to read more!

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