The Price of Persistence

Some of the hardest fought battles faced on the road to success will come from family and friends. They will tell you what can not be done. what should be done. And where your priority’s should lie.


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2 Responses to The Price of Persistence

  1. storms0924 says:

    I’ve learned, many times when they are making the suggestions it can be out of love, jealousy or just their opinion. We have to make our own decisions and live with them. By them I mean the friends and family as well as decision.

    • Tinamarie says:

      I believe you are so right. People really don’t want to do something that is difficult. They want to take the easy way out all the time, so when you explain something to them that you are doing, they are surprised if you still do it. they are like, “your still doing that?” Or they try to make it sound like a waste of time.. ect.. but I know what you mean.

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