Who’s To Blame!

The following is a quick read probably less than 30 seconds in length, but it is one of those “teachable, take-away moments that leads to “Having A Great Day”.

“Never forget that your success starts and ends with you.  You want it.  You define it.  You go after it.  You achieve it, or you don’t.  Only you are personally responsible for how your life turns out.  Many other people will try to take responsibility for you, like your parents, your spouse, your friends or your co-workers, but in the final analysis, they can only influence how your life progresses, they cannot control it.  Only you can.”

“Once you fully realize this most important ingredient of success, your life will never be the same.  You will stop blaming others for your failures and disappointments and start working on changing yourself to be the kind of person you want to be.  As long as you can blame some one else for why things aren’t the way you want them to be, you can comfortably avoid change.  After  all, ‘it’s their fault’.  However, when you have no one to blame but yourself, you are more likely to seek change.  Not many people feel comfortable saying, ‘it’s my fault.’ ”

The preceding is a rather lengthy but profound quote from Dr. Daniel G. Amen…

A Magnificient Mind At Any Age


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4 Responses to Who’s To Blame!

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    We need more posts on this subject! Keep it going!

  2. Dede says:

    This is so true!! I know that my success is based on mygoals and hard work and the implementation of them! There is no room for blame other than myself if I don’t succeed!

  3. Lisa says:

    This is very timely for me. I’m responsible for me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I definitely needed to read this post this morning… good reminder. It actually kind of reminds me of the ‘monk in a tree’ post; most of us know this from a very young age, but most of us struggle in putting it into practice.

    Keep ’em coming 🙂

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