The Creative Mind…I Made Meat Loaf

You can not live a truly creative life is you are still bound by  a mind beset with fears of failure or being wrong.

So I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner for the evening and I want it to be ready when my wife returns home from work.  I decide to make a meat loaf and the usual that accompanies it. I don’t go to or food network — I mean geez, I’ve made meat loaf before, no biggie. I mean it’s simple right? Ground beef 80/20, sweet bulk Italian sausage, some ground veal, a couple eggs, basil, Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, pepper, brown rice –uncooked, etc.,  (etc. being another word for “what eva” because that is essentially the nature of meat loaf –ground beef and what eva  else floats your boat and works for you).

And herein is my point. I’m searching around in the kitchen for the “what eva”  ingredients for my meat loaf and I see something new.  I’ve never considered including it before, but it’s there in the fridge and there is not much of it left and this meat loaf would be a great way to finish it off.  You see my wife is a huge veggie consumer and in another life ( if such a thing were true) she might have been a gregarious grazer (certainly not a cow but more like a sheep — one of God’s little lambs).  Back on point: There is fresh leaf spinach still in the fridge and I get this bright idea to include it in the meat loaf mixture.  Yes, I now know it was not original nor copyright status of an idea.

However, here’s the point. The message in a meatloaf is: in life, do not be afraid to experiment. Strike out and try something new. You won’t hear a yes unless you try.  But you will always hear a NO because you didn’t try.


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