MY Cell Phone Died!

OK. My cell phone has just gone completely dead.  I sent out two text messages last night to a former friend (former, as in your choice not mine)  and then my cell said “That’s it, That’s all” and then it died.  To make matters worse the home phone had been left off the charger too long and now it’s DEAD.  I hate that.  It hurts more when you realize how much info you have stored on your phone (all gone).  I don’t know what’s worse.  Losing your phone or losing money.  It’s almost like loosing “a good friend” In my case I do know what’s worse, I don’t have the money to by a new phone (budget won’t allow it)…ugh! matter fact, double ugh!!

Dear God please send the Fone Fairy to me with a new cell phone ( a not-so-silent call for help)

Oh, and yes, I will not be fooled. Cell phone or no, I will still

“Have A Great Day!”


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