Belive it!

There is no such thing as a disease for which there is no cure.  Every disease ever experienced on planet Earth was first thought to be incurable, that is until a cure was found. Typhoid, polio, cancer, aids, malaria, diabetes, pneumonia they are all the same. The incurable typhoid of yesterday is the cancer and aids of today.

The cure is just waiting to be discovered — indeed may have already been discovered.  I like Proverbs 25:2 NLT.   It speaks to this very idea of discovery.

It is  God’s privilege to conceal things, and the king’s privilege to discover them.

Laws have been set in motion that govern the universe in which we live.  There is no knowledge, no hidden thing, no new vista that a man of calling, inspiration, determination and belief can not discover when he works within and abides by theses laws.


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2 Responses to Belive it!

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    So true! Keep writing!

  2. Gibson Goff says:

    Good stuff! Great opener to a longer post. You’re a very good writer, would love to see a longer article on your thoughts.

    Keep up the good work! Wishing you all the best.

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