Life: Are You Coming Or Going?

After observing this picture you’ll agree that the illusion is quite good.  It’s hard to decide if the rider and his horse are moving toward you or away from you.  Life may seem like that sometimes, especially when considering your goals and objectives.

It’s quite confusing at times, this thing called life. Questions abound. Is it true, is it false? Is it safe? Is this the right relationship for me? Is this the correct career path? Should I take the risk? Is it even worth my time?  We forge on ahead, not sure if the decision we made for the direction we’re going in life is the right one or not.  Which is better than some people who have a cavalier–“what-eva” attitude about life and make no decision at all about the direction their lives take.

So which way is your life heading?  Do you believe you’re going in the right direction?  Are you calling the shots, or have you ceded that power over your life to someone or something else?  Are you progressing or regressing?  At the end of the day I must realize the direction of my life is not in the hands of fate.  It is I who have hold of the reins.


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2 Responses to Life: Are You Coming Or Going?

  1. Horse-Girl says:

    Excellent post!! I’m trying to live an “Intentional Life” based off a Christian radio show’s segment by the same name. This blog post of yours is right on point with their philosophy!

  2. Great post as always! I try to live my life by heading in the right direction. I control the reigns to the best of my ability by overcoming any adversities. Life can be confusing at times, but it’s up to you to make the best of it and live to its fullest potential.

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