Change Your thoughts-Change Your Life.

Some one has said that you can not stop your mind from thinking and trying to do so is about as effective as trying to empty the ocean of it’s water one bucket at a time.

In association with this truth is the fact that most often the thoughts we think, we blindly accept as being reliable and correct.  Many times we experience recurring thought patterns.  They loop.  Like a revolving door, they just keep coming back around.  Sometimes our thoughts are time elapsed.  Other times, they’re triggered by sight, sound, particular events, or certain hours of the day.

Today I listened to an attractive, very obese woman on the Doctor Oz program speak of her food addiction. You could not help but feel her pain as she shared with the audience, saying “I can not stop thinking about food.”  You could feel how she loathed herself as a result of her actions.  I have heard of people caught in the throes of cocaine addiction say that, “Crack will call you.”  In my own life I have experienced recurring thoughts of anger, bitterness and perceived injustices.  And as a result of these experiences in my life, I — like so many others — have sought pacifiers to ease the pain.

One day, not so very long ago, an Unpremeditated Thought showed up at the front door of my mind and interrogated some Old Familiar Thought Patterns with a question…Why? Why do I have to keep going through this?  Shortly after that, I came across a book by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M.D.  “A Magnificent Mind At Any Age.”

In this book he says, in essence, to quit giving our thoughts a free pass.  He says to challenge our thoughts, to talk back to those thoughts.  He encourages us to reach back and reconnect with that “rebellious teenager” mentality from our past –the one that kept talking back, challenging that authority figure.  He says the rebellious teenager mentality does not simply accept something just because someone said so.

I’m learning that although that recurring food, alcohol, sex, nicotine-laden thought that speaks with so much authority  is telling me it’s time to get my “binky”,  there is a teenager in me who is hard-headed and up for the challenge.  I’m listening to that kid!  It’s time to fight back.  Keep in mind also, that some battles on the way to victory have to be won more than once…Change your thoughts–Change your life.

We don’t have to accept every thought that enters our mind.  THOUGHTS LIE and they lie a lot.  Just because we have a thought does not mean that it is valid.

Thanks for spending some of your time with my time…

Have A Great Day!


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8 Responses to Change Your thoughts-Change Your Life.

  1. I really enjoyed your writing, and yes thoughts become things. Like attracts like. The law of attraction is best to try to improve one’s mind, I believe. It works for me.

  2. Samuel Hampton says:

    Another great post! Keep writing!

  3. Oh, can I relate to that. I also ask myself why the same thought/feeling keeps running over and over like a song you can’t get out of your head.

    I ask myself frequently what I can do differently to stop this mind frick. I’ve learned that I can only work with the tools I currently have, and if I want to expand my toolbox I need to broaden my perspective. So I’ve embarked on a course of personal development to add some more tools to my toolbox.

    Of course all of my new ideas are tinged with aspects of my old beliefs now, so now I can spend literally hours differentiating between my beliefs, reality, perceptions, etc. etc. etc. Does anyone have the manual that came with this mind!?!?!??

  4. storms0924 says:

    I really think you hit the nail on the dead with this. I love how you put it. The challenge for me is stopping the thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if it comes from the music I listen to, something I’ve watched from TV. It’s like I’m feeding my spirit negativity so my thoughts take over.

    My mom says it’s the enemy… he’s don’t enough damage so I don’t need him melding in my life!

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  6. Morris, this is really beautiful, but also powerful because it’s an area of struggle for so many. I’ve developed the habit of literally talking back to my thoughts and questioning the truth or falsehood of it. I’ve also found that God’s word has the power to transform lives by transforming our thoughts. This is definitely a battle that we have to be prepared to fight every time our thoughts speak falsely.

  7. beeha says:

    I have read several of your posts, and, yes, keep on writing. Thanks for commenting on my silly (but funny) “11 Husbands” post on 2COB the other day. Regarding this particular piece–Yes, Yes! The thoughts they do keep a comin’ and the loops they form can sure tangle us. I have been tied up myself for some time now. All suggestions and resouces about fending off being mind-bound are welcome. Thanks for yours.

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