Intelligent Design, A Prime Mover

I can’t find nobody greater.

What kind of Vegas odds you think I could get that the turtle got on that pole without some kind of intelligent participation?  Probably about as good of odds as us sitting on this pole spinning through outer space.  Intelligent design? In the case of the turtle sittin’ on the pole or us sittin’  here on the earth, it’s hard to think it was not by intelligent design at the hand of some sentient being.  We speak of the laws of attraction, of reciprocity and the like; where there is a law, there of necessity must be a law giver.


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One Response to Intelligent Design, A Prime Mover

  1. Tom Stuart says:

    I loved this performance of “Nobody Greater.” Thanks for sharing it. We’re all just turtles on a pole when it comes to God’s love for us and His free gift of salvation. (Ephesians 2:8)

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