God’s Law Of Attraction In Action

Do you believe it?  Can you now see it?   Do you believe that like attracts like?  That you can  DO, create your own future (for good or bad) by the words that you speak and the thoughts you think.  Ted Williams is a good example of the Law of attraction and embedded in this, is the Law of Reciprocity as well.  From rags to riches in three days time?  Maybe. That’s yet to be seen.  But we are witnessing the Jabez prayer of “enlarging my coast”  — that your gift will open doors for you.

It’s a Great Day!

Please have one (they do add up).


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3 Responses to God’s Law Of Attraction In Action

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    This story has really touched my life! What a God-given voice!!!!!

  2. You truly touched my life. I have been helping a homeless girl and got her a job and now she lives with us until she gets on her feet.

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