Abraham, Columbus and Capt. Kirk

What do Abraham, Columbus and Captain Kirk have in common? well except for the fact that Kirk is purely fictional (to all but us Trekkie’s) each man laid aside fear of the unknown to venture out into places they’d never been.

“To go where no man has gone before…” at least to places each man had never been before, traipsing through deserted places, most inhospitable to be sure.  Abraham in the desert. Columbus on the ocean.  And Kirk  in outer space.  Each man–although with company–alone and singular in purpose.

In this year 2011 I feel an inward call to go, to know, to experience that thing I have not known before.  Like Jabez, I cry that God enlarge my coasts.  I don’t want to be stagnant.  I want to grow and to know, to encourage, and to share with someone else in their growth.

There is at least one other thing in common with these three.  Not one of them, once having started the journey, turned back.  I have this Cortez mentality stirring inside me.  I have started on this journey and I intend to burn my ships.  No turning back.


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One Response to Abraham, Columbus and Capt. Kirk

  1. Love this Morris! Definitely the attitude I’m taking in 2011!

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