Use What You Have

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December 18, 2010

By Helen

Big dreams can lead to big frustration when you compare the desired end with your now.  Dreams seldom show us the process nor the time line to realizing our goal.  So we tend to look at the end and wonder how in the world we will get there.

 Use What You HaveYou may not have the connections, the finances, nor the blueprint to make your dream come true.  Your dream may be so large and so unique, no one has ever accomplished the thing shown to you.  But the extraordinary would simply be ordinary if you already had everything you think you need.

Don’t allow naysayers to talk you out of your dream.  It is your destiny, given to fulfill your purpose in the earth.  They don’t see what you see, hear what you hear inside your heart, nor live your life.

So what do you do?

Guard your dream. Protect it.  You may not be able to share it with most of the people in your life, if anyone at this point.  The people closest to you may not understand.  They may think it’s foolishness or risky.  They may advise against pursuing it because they love you.  They may think they’re protecting you, but they don’t know what you know.  The path to destiny is never smooth and easy.  It never looks safe.

Use what you have. Even if you don’t have what you think you need to fully launch your dream, begin moving toward it.  Have no money?  Begin to research by going to the library.  Look on the internet.  Start by educating yourself on some aspect of the goal.  No connections?  Don’t worry about it.

Need equipment? Search for it.  Look in the usual venues.  Talk to people.  Unseen doors of opportunity can open and lead you to exactly what you need at a price within your reach.

Never discount the ability of anyone to help you along the way. Your greatest benefactor may be someone who looks as though he has less than you.  Your biggest blessing may come through someone who you thought to be your enemy.  You can be catapulted into explosive success by someone who doesn’t even know your name.

If people leave because of  your dream, let them go. They’ll threaten to withhold their approval (and support) if you hold onto your dream.  Let them go!   Anyone who walks away is someone you don’t need to achieve your dream.  Bless them and move forward.  They just took the highway exit with their name on it.

Don’t worry about the how. A mighty oak tree doesn’t spring up overnight.  It starts as a small acorn.  Award-winning songs start with one note.  Best-selling books begin with a single word.  Amazing  journeys start with a single step.  Process is what ties vision to manifestation.  Success is created in the process of pushing toward your goal.

So, use what you have right now.  Believe it’s all you need to move you in the right direction.  That little bit is the key that unlocks the door to your destiny.  When you choose to open the door,  you’re on your way.

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One Response to Use What You Have

  1. There is much truth here. Thanks for sharing such wisdom.

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