It’s In The Rings

Healing for damaged emotions” by David A. Seamands is a book I’m reading right now.  In it he illustrates by comparison the life experiences of a tree and people.  Mr Seamands states in the book that one can by observing the cross section of a felled tree understand the “developmental history” of that tree from year to year.

“Here’s a ring that represents a year when there was a terrible drought.  Here are a couple of rings from years when there was too much rain.  Here’s where the tree was struck by lightning.  Here are some normal years of growth.  This ring show a forest fire that almost destroyed the tree.  Here’s another of savage blight and disease.  All of this lies embedded in the heart of the tree, representing the autobiography of it’s growth.”

I just stared at that last sentence “all of this lies embedded in the heart…” He goes on to say “that’s the way it is with us…beneath the protective bark…are the recorded rings of our lives.”

The person you sit beside at church, on the job or the neighbor next door, that homeless person you just passed by and intentionally did not see–embedded in the heart of each of these, underneath that protective bark are their life experiences.  Oh, that the rings of our lives mirrored more the simple artistic beauty of a Thomas Kinkade  or a Norman Rockwell; albeit, our life experiences are seemingly more Van Gogh than not.

Lewis B. Smedes “The Art Of Forgiving” states that  “One of God’s better jokes on us was to give us the power to remember the past and leave us no power to undo it…[we] cannot silence one syllable of the past.  There is no delete key.  And it comforts us little to know that not even God can undo what has been done.”

Be that as it may, there is yet a more powerful truth to consider; best summed up in this analogy: there is a reason why the rear view mirror in a car is smaller than the front windshield.  I can look back just enough to see where I’ve been.  But the glory and promise of life is not in the rear view mirror.  It’s what’s up front, the view out the front windshield. It’s where I’m going, not so much where I’ve been.

As always, thanks again for spending some of your time with my time and…

Have A Great Day!


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5 Responses to It’s In The Rings

  1. Horse-Girl says:

    Awesome! You rock!!

  2. Karen Joyce says:

    Good food…..for thought

  3. Crystal Owen says:

    Thanks Morris!! That was really wonderful

  4. Lisa Floyd says:

    I love it. This reinforces the phrase I’m focusing on right now — moving forward. Thanks for giving words for reflection.

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