I Saw That!

Have you ever seen something, a flit before your eyes, maybe something in your peripheral vision?  You know you saw something.  You could not put your finger on it.  You could not identify it, but you know you saw something.  It moved so fast you sensed it more than you could eyeball it,  something akin to a shooting star only a little faster.  You know you saw it, and afterward — maybe — the adult in you called it into question.

Consider the lowly sloth and a hummingbird (the human eye can barely distinguish the movement of it’s wings).  To the hummingbird, the sloth  is not moving.  It’s like watching time-elapsed photography of a rose in bloom or a glacier on the move.

If you believe you saw something, if you believe you’ve had this experience, I believe you too.  I have had this experience as well.

Many strange and different things go on all around us.  Much of it is undetected and unobserved.  There are sounds the human ear cannot hear, but canine ears hear loud and clear.  Because I can not hear them, makes it no less true.  I believe there are colors — colors not visible to the human eye…yet.

No great invention or discovery in the arts or the sciences came about apart from man’s imagination. It may seem to the masses as something fanciful and ludicrous, but all it takes is just one to whom it is imaginable, and if it can be imagined it can be done.

I believe there is life on another plain, another level, another dimension.  Life apart from what we know and understand and it’s not a miracle — well to some it is.  I believe that life on that other level slows down just enough for you and I to catch a shooting star-fleeting glimpse of it.  For he that has an eye to see, let him see.

Figuratively speaking, there is a mentality still alive today that believes the world is flat and that if God intended man to fly, He would have given us wings.  That mentality prevents us from seeing what is right before us.

I challenge you today to think outside the box.  When you begin to think outside the box,  you’ll begin to realize — There is no box!


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5 Responses to I Saw That!

  1. godcrazzzy says:

    THERE IS NO BOX!!!! gr8. sooooo true.

  2. Great Post! You gave me lots to think about this evening!

  3. I’ve broken through the box to realize all possibilities. Great post!

  4. corymbia says:

    yes Yes YES this is so true.
    I love the analogy between sounds out of human hearing range, colours out of visual range and a whole other plane out of sensory range.

  5. Good one, I like the little ducks. That’s how our kids are. They grow up close to us and then a strong wind (stronghold) comes and blows them away from us and they roll, they fall, they get lost, but the blessing is when they decide to get up they go back to safety. Thanks.

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