A Man Named Pearl

Ignore the fear of the unknown and  that which is new. Listen to the call that tells you to go forward to that thing you have never experienced. It is the purpose and reason for which you were born.

Just over one hundred years ago everyone knew the blacksmith and his trade would always be so.  In 1973  no one would have believed that water would be sold in a bottle for two or three dollars, approaching worldwide sales of 8.6 billion dollars annually.  Visionary author Myles Munroe said the graveyard is the repository of unfulfilled dreams, visions and callings of people who listened to the naysayers and dream killers.

Think of all the music and songs, the inventions, the literature that never reached the library shelf, the new discoveries to  cure AIDS and cancer  — that JUST went to the grave,  because those persons in whom it was invested would not go forward as as little child believing.

I recently watched a documentary about a man name Pearl Fryar who lives in Bishopville,  South Carolina.  Pearl became angry at racists comments of some in Bishopville — particularly the claim he would not keep up his yard –as one of the reasons they did not want him moving into their neighborhood,  despite the fact he could afford to.

Pearl taught himself the art of Topiary (the horticultural practice of training live perennial plants to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes by clipping the foliage and twigs of  trees, shrubs and sub-shrubs).  He received no formal training, other than a three-minute demonstration at a plant nursery. He began to retrieve (with permission) old, dying and out-of-season plants and shrubbery the local nursery threw out.

Pearl did things with these trees, plants, flowers and shrubs of which it was said “He should not be able to do that…this growth does not do well in this climate or in this type soil.”  To which Pearl responded  “Well, nobody told me…” and “This is one time when ignorance paid off.”

There is a dream, a vision, a leading, a calling inside everyone alive on this planet — that something for which you were born to do.  Please don’t let your dream die inside you never having seen the light of day.  Follow the example of that man name Pearl.

Thanks for spending some of your time with my time and remember…



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6 Responses to A Man Named Pearl

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    Thanks for sharing! It really make one think about his calling in life!

  2. Brian Wray says:

    I like this blog, very inspirational because it contains truths.

  3. Cathy says:

    Thanks Morris for inviting me to read this……inspirational for sure. I was particularly drawn to read it because my mother was named Pearl! Hopefully some day I will find the purpose for which I was born and why people come into our lives such as a wonderful man like yourself!

  4. corymbia says:

    Awesome garden. Pearl is a natural horticulturalist.

  5. Hi Morris,
    This was absolutely beautiful. A reminder that we can accomplish more than we think.

  6. Renee' says:

    Thanks for the encouragement to continue seeking God regarding what it is He wants me to do.

    Great blog!

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