Are you listening?

A conversation — it’s supposed to be a dialogue.  You know, one talks while some one else listens and then that person talks while the other listens.  It’s a give and take.

Have your ever gone to a prayer meeting where sister Ima Scream, Deacon Holla Mo and so many others are yelling, and hollering.  I’m gonna tell it like it is.  God is way out there, way past the Moon and Mars and we gotta make sure God hears us, especially with all these other people yelling and hollering.

We need to make sure our voice is heard above all the rest, so we speak a little louder. You do know that God is a current customer of Bell-Tone (one of the better hearing aid companies in the U.S.)  So it’s understandable that for some of us, we think  hollering  louder results in better chances of God hearing us while he’s residing on Mars.  Never mind the fact that God knows our thought even before we think them.  By the way, how often does it come across that it’s not God who needs to hear us, as it is more us, who need to hear God?

There’s something else that strikes me concerning this thing about listening.  In order to really hear, you need to be quiet, really QUIET.  Much of the time when some one is trying to talk with us, we are either thinking or talking.  How can you hear when doing that?

I had/have a friend–I don’t talk with much anymore-and they would just disappear.  You would not see or hear from them for days on end, phone turned off and a knock at the door gone unanswered.   In answer to questions about their absence they would always say “I just needed to get quiet.”  I’ve learned over time that quiet is paramount to listening.  There is no other way to listen than to be quiet.

It’s not just in prayer meeting that distracting noise happens.  Think of the times you have got alone, just to talk with HIM and your mind just yells and hollers about all the things that are going on.  The mind just wanders (all over the universe) hollering about the bills, the kids, him/her and what ever else.  I am learning.  Many times I have to say to myself,  “You know what… SHUT UP!   I’m not trying to hear all that right now.  I just want to get quiet,  meditate and hear what God is saying to me.”


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7 Responses to Are you listening?

  1. Renee' says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks Morris.

  2. I love the opportunity to get quite so many things can be sorted through when we shut off the noise. I’ve designated September as a no TV month again – time to invest some more time in seeking God’s face and hearing his voice. Thanks for the post M.

  3. Melanie says:

    Yes…I need to be quiet.

  4. godcrazzzy says:

    too good….lol. I know ALOT of “sister Ima Scream & Deacon Holla Mo”….. I am gonna borrow this with full credit to you ofcourse. bless u

    • nobusysignal says:

      @ godcrazzzy, not a problem, glad you like it enough to re-post. I got another post coming shortly … watch for Goliath (he’s going down).

  5. godcrazzzy says:

    sure sure sure….bring it on and take him down

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