A Do Over Button

Have you ever looked back over your life and thought to yourself,  “I wish I had that to do over.”  I know I have on several occasions, I have.  If there was just a button I could push  to make all of those bad decisions I made go away (poof).

In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus offers Neo two pills, one red one blue.  If Neo takes the blue pill he will wake up in his bed and forget everything that ever happened.  Sometimes I wish I had taken the blue pill.  All the pain and misery brought on myself and others as result of bad decisions would be none existent — not to mention all the things that I should have and could have but didn’t.

Looking at life realistically, we know that is not possible. There is no “do over button”or “blue pill”.  There is only experience and unfortunately for us the knowledge resulting from that comes just after you need it–bummer.

There’s a song from a few years back the lyrics state “I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.” And later in the song it says ” Poor young grandson, there’s nothing I can say, you’ll have to learn just like me and that’s the hardest way.” Those words are the epitome of experience.  However, there is a benefit that comes with experience and that is wisdom.  Wisdom is that thing that hopefully keeps us from making the same mistakes again.  With wisdom gained through experience comes accountability, first to self and second to others.  There is someone who stands in need of your knowledge — whether they take heed or not, that they too, might avoid the pain of knowledge gained by experience received just after they needed it.


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6 Responses to A Do Over Button

  1. thekayray says:

    A very true statement that others can benefit from our experience if they choose to. I also believe that our do over button is the ability to choose in every moment of every day. If the first choice was a poor one, then choose differently, take the lesson and move on. Knowing that what just happened can not be changed but the future can by making choices that are congruent with the goals we have set for ourselves and our own moral guide post.

  2. IntrigueMe says:

    That’s the opening song to my favorite movie- Without a Paddle. I love it.

    Sometimes I wish I had a do-over button… but I wouldn’t do-over the big things, not the broken engagement, the family deaths, job changes etc. Those things were meant to be the way they are. What I would do-over though is the little things like spending half of my performance/Christmas bonus’ on techy gadgets instead of putting 100% of them towards paying off debt or saving for a house. Imagine how much further ahead I’d be now if I’d contributed 100%… all I have to show for is a GPS, a Blackberry, a laptop that’s falling apart and no house to put them in. Big whoop.

  3. When I started using the computer many, many years ago and I discovered the undo button, like you, I’ve wished many times for a real life undo button. Instead, experiences have helped to shape me and since I can’t have a “do over” I’m glad that I can still gain from those things I wish I had the opportunity to do again.

  4. corymbia says:

    I really could use a “do over button” I think….

  5. I’ve made many mistakes, sometimes I wish there was a do over button, but I know I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

  6. cleoni says:

    i wish some of the thing i do could go away with a do over button evenh though they cant wanna know what keeps me, the fact that GOD always REFASHION THIS BIT OF CLAY n 4gives

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