The Picture Is His Signature!

These big clouds look like pillows in the sky.  Sometimes when I view the sky with it’s vibrant blue hue and clouds of brilliant multicolored white, I think this is so gorgeous it really deserves a signature like those of the great painters of the past. However when I consider who it is that placed all of this before my eyes, I realize that what I’m beholding is HIS signature. I’ve yet to see the painting.  I’ve seen Rembrandt’s painting and his signature (reproduction only).

When I look at stars at night or consider the complexities of a single blade of grass, understanding that man in all his wisdom can only come as close as AstroTurf in comparison, it brings me to pause and awe.  Moments like these are to be guarded. You have to silence yourself and your  surroundings.  Push away all distractions, the things that clamor for your attention and cause disharmony in your life.  Sometimes you will need to rid yourself of so-called friends who keep drama like an aura all around them and when in your presence it lingers on you.

Having done that, you are more open to hear and see and receive the beauty of those quite moments when you can look up and see how, with the stroke of His will He formed the those big Pillow clouds with the blue sky background into His signature, only His signature…the painting is yet to be seen.

Thanks for sharing some of your time with my time, and as always…

Have A Great Day!


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One Response to The Picture Is His Signature!

  1. tomlstuart says:

    Such a good reminder to simply push the pause button and breathe in the pleasure of both creation and its Creator. Ahhhh…… Thanks.

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