Still Fightin’ The War!

On a hot humid day in the Deep South a couple of men passed each other on  a semi-busy street in a small town.  As they approached, one greeted the other saying “Still fightin’ the war?” to which the reply came “Yup”,  and on they went their separate ways.

A bystander, not from that part of the country, overheard the greeting and it’s reply.  He was quite curious as to the meaning and asked his friend whom he was visiting to explain.  He was told that in that part of the South there are many who still hold to the faded glory of the Old South and it’s Confederate ways.

They yearn for the reclamation of the South and all it’s manifest destiny (as they perceive it) and for it to be to be realized as the legitimate law of the land.  Funny thing about folks around here, they don’t “cotton” much to outsiders, Jews, Catholics, Negras and just about anybody from up north.  He was told that this desire in many of them is manic and at fever pitch . They see themselves and their view as right and everybody else is wrong…dead wrong.  For them it ain’t over…they are “still fightin’ the war”.

In another part of the world, on the other side of this planet, in a very hot and dry land two men pass each other and as they approach a greeting is shared, “As-Salamu Alaykum.”  You will also undoubtedly hear “Allahu-Akbar.”  Strangest thing about the people over there, they don’t much “cotton” to outsiders, folks not like them.  Their version of Jews, Catholics, Negras, Whites and just about anybody else in the whole world are called infidels.

They yearn for the reclamation of the land and the old ways. They believe in a certain manifest destiny and an adherence to religious dictates as the legitimate law of the land.  The desire in these people is at manic level and fever pitch.  The belief held by some of them is that they are right and everybody else is wrong…9-11 dead wrong.  They too, are still fightin’ the war.


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6 Responses to Still Fightin’ The War!

  1. melanie says:


  2. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tom Stuart says:

    That is sad. It makes me wonder what Jesus would say to such people. The blessings of the eight beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-10 are promised to those who act and think the opposite. That is very telling. It is those who seek to resolve such injustices – the merciful and the peacemakers whom Jesus commends. And to those who are the recipients of such sustained prejudice and hatred Jesus promises the kingdom of heaven. May God have mercy.

  4. Congrats on the blog. Keep up the sound words.

  5. corymbia says:

    Needless, senseless wars….

  6. Cheryl says:

    I think extremist is just individuals wanting to belong and by any means necessary. Too fearful to stand up and be heard as an individual

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