Me and Chief Wampum

Change of pace here just for today.  Last night my wife says “Honey are you gonna clean up the house tomorrow?”  The Blackfoot American Indian part of me… ( Hey, I can claim that title if I want to.  I’m African American, therefore the color of my foot is…See, it works).  So as I was about to say, the Chief Wampum part of me rose up and starts yappin about her request and something else about squaws.  Chief Wampum is one side of me and the wife is on the other.

Funny thing about wives and Indian chiefs, I looked around and his happy butt is running toward the trees with a couple arrows in his back and my wife is standing there with his bow in one hand and the other on her hip, head wagging,  looking at me, war paint on her face — I think it was Max Factor–the look says “Unless you want to follow that anemic Indian chief, there is housework that needs to be done.”

OK, here’s the truth of the matter.  I’m retired, my wife is not.  She makes a 40-45 minute drive into work 5 days a week and I’m home all day, so the obvious is fair.  It’s just the two of us but it so strange how clean refuses to stay that way.  Why can’t a pot just stay clean? Doesn’t matter that it was reused after it was cleaned, it should stay clean.  When I vacuum the carpet I hate to walk on it cause each footprint accelerates the time to the next Hoover experience.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I like clean and neat.  It’s the close and rapid repetition of the process that gets next to me.

A thought just came to my mind and I’ll close out with it.  Much praise to mothers with little ones who do much more than I do, for much longer than I have and do it alone. Today is June 16th, I think it should be treated like the 2nd Sunday in May.   For all you do mothers  this Bud’s for you.

I’ve employed a little artistic license in this post so as to include a little humor.  I would not want the reader to come away with the thought that my wife is overbearing and demanding, quite the contrary.  She is intelligent, very sweet, sensitive and tender hearted.  I married a jewel.  Those who know her would wholeheartedly agree.


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4 Responses to Me and Chief Wampum

  1. Joyce says:

    Actually, I was thinking your were the one overbearing, demanding….

  2. Angel V says:

    Interesting prose today. I like the choice of imaginative artistic license. It is funny though that clean never seems to want to stay that way… lol.

  3. corymbia says:

    Oh this post made me laugh! I have two little kids aged 5 and 7, so my house is clean for aproximately 5 minutes at around 11am on any Saturday morning. If you were to drop by earlier on a Saturday, you’d see me with a vacuum in one hand, mop in the other and holding stray toys/socks/pencils/homework/books/ dirty dishes etc in my teeth! Any time after that five minutes is up and the floor would be covered in “stuff” and the sink full of dirty dishes once again.

  4. mlcurry5 says:

    I like that one BLACK FOOT?! Funny.

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