All Cow Poop Ain’t Bad

There’s a story told of a Canadian goose who was late to begin the annual flight south.  All the other geese in his flock had left weeks earlier.  His flight south was miserable.  The worse part was the loneliness.

As he flew south, not only was  he unhappy because he was alone, he was also very cold.  The two coupled together made him very, very despondent.  The goose listened intently for the call of other late-flying geese, hoping he might find a flock to merge with.  Occasionally he would call out — honking — hoping that his calls would be heard, but no such luck.

Moreover, it began to rain and rain hard it did.  Through the course of the night, the rain came down in a torrent and the oh-so-cold air began to blow him off course with such force that he lost all direction. Then came the thunder and lightning, and one particularly loud sonic boom of thunder sent him crashing to the earth where he landed in a cow pasture.

Lying there cold, wet and soaked to the bone from the elements, the goose could not move.  As it happened, one of the grazing cows passed right over him.  And wouldn’t you know it,  the cow farted and took a dump–splat! Right on top of him it fell and covered him all over.  Oh, the humiliation of it all and it stank so bad!  But wonder of wonders, the cow doo began to warm him, and the bird actually began to relax.

As untoward as it may have been, it was actually turning out to be a pleasant  occurrence.  Just then a large tomcat came up and began to remove the cow doo.   The tom, after having sufficiently — to his satisfaction — removed enough of the cow doo, promptly ATE the goose and walked away.

First off, I think this story has something to say about time management.  More importantly however, there is a moral to this story:  Because someone just took a dump on you may not be a totally bad thing, nor the person who did it your enemy.  Most important and above all,  just because someone helps to clean you up does not make them your friend.

Wonder if Aesop was aware of this tidbit?

Thanks for sharing your time with me, as always…

Have A Great Day!


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10 Responses to All Cow Poop Ain’t Bad

  1. thekayray says:

    Great parable and the points you make are right on. Keep them coming!

  2. tomlstuart says:

    LOL – my take away – all cow poop may not be bad but beware of those who eat it!

  3. Doraz says:

    A very interesting post with a very interesting subject….I loved it. 🙂 Have a fun week.

  4. So… what you’re saying is: 1) everybody poops; 2) everyone gets pooped on every once in a while; and 3) your enemies can eat poop? 🙂 Thought provoking, to say the least.

    • nobusysignal says:

      @perp. well kinda sorta. The message is that everything that looks bad may not be as bad as it seems. and what looks to be good in the beginning may not always end up that way…kinda sorta.
      love ya … spread it around, some body may need just what you got they way you got it.

  5. The Right Wray ;-) says:

    “just because someone helps to clean you up does not make them your friend” — ain’t that the truth. I’m always skeptical of the over-friendly and so helpful, I try not to be because its not a good look, there are some good people — but I guess that just the urban awareness that shadows my life. Always got that 3rd eye open!

  6. Crystal says:

    Yes, you are right Morris, there is something to be said about time management…it’s crucial because once you’re off course the longer it takes for you to bounce back. Now I would like to think that whom ever helps another to “clean up” would, in fact, be a friend or would want to be one; and, it would have been really nice to see that tomcat help that goose clean-up then say “See, even tomcats can change” :-).

  7. davehambo says:

    Modern parable of excellence, much enjoyed.

    • nobusysignal says:

      @ davehambo Thank you sir. My desire is to one day bring my wife and I to the UK and eat REAL fish and chips ( from a paper bag-I think that’s how it is served).

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