Friends And Best Friends – The Smart Choice Prt. 1

My wife and I were engaged in a conversation about friends and best friends. I wanted to share some of our thoughts with you. The following is one of a two part series, in which we both in our own words discuss elements of friendship.

Some one once said “you’ll always be my close know too much about me.”  You can have lots of acquaintances and associates, but fewer good friends and only one truly “bff”.  Friendships say a lot about us.  It is said that if you can identify his friends you can identify him.  It lends credence to that old “birds of a feather flock together thing.” (Morris)

But let’s face it — there are lots of birds in the same flock that aren’t really that close.  Take the time to watch a flock fly overhead.  Some birds fly together tightly on the inside of the formation, while others always take the peripheral positions — the difference between a “best” friend and a good friend.  (Helen)

Steve Goodier of White Dove Partnership tells the true story of a career criminal–Steve Knapp –who upon being apprehended after robbing two stores in Oklahoma, confessed, saying he missed his old cell mates; whereupon the officers said they would help him to be reunited with his old friends.  It can be easily seen that because we are gregarious in nature and we flock together as do cattle or sheep, friendships are necessary to our survival. But not all of our friendships are productive nor beneficial. (Morris)

That’s why it’s important to delineate who are our friends, from those who should only be associates.  Friends occupy both external and internal personal space in our lives.  They take up residence in our  hearts, our spirits and our minds.  They have access to our inner workings and learn our “hot buttons.”  Because of their access to our lives, they have the privilege to choose to nurture or manipulate us.  That’s why bad friendships are so destructive.  (Helen)

Henry Ford, the auto maker, once asked someone “Who is your best friend?”  The person hesitated, and Mr. Ford continued on “Your best friend is he who brings out the best that is within you.”  They like you yes, but it does not stop there. The identifying marks of your friend is that he/she will — whether you welcome it or not — encourage, support, nudge and even correct you at the appropriate time. (Morris).


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5 Responses to Friends And Best Friends – The Smart Choice Prt. 1

  1. Samuel Hampton says:

    What can I say about the two of you other then I am glad we are friends. The two of you work well together! I friend loveth at all times.

  2. Samuel Hampton says:

    A friend loveth at all times!

  3. tomlstuart says:

    I like your creative dialogue approach with your wife to this important subject. Engaging.

  4. Oh, so true. Good friendships make life better, happier, and more enoyable. Bad friendships have a way of doing just the opposite. And yet, so many of us hang on to the bad ones, perhaps hoping they will turn into good ones.

  5. storms0924 says:

    I was just tweeting about Friendships! I think it’s very important to know how to separate friendship. Sometimes we meet people who are just soo cool, trust them and their true colors come out later and we are blown away by who they really are. What is the saying? When you meet someone, you meet their representative? Hummm….

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