Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

One powerful weapon I use to fight frustration, anger, or when I find myself harboring bitterness and resentment, is that I stop myself from any immediate response to the source of my upset.  In my past, the immediate response has mostly shown itself to be the wrong response.

Past experience has shown that my response has usually been a toss up between an explosion (86 proof version),  or passive-aggressive behavior (think Miss Celie in The Color Purple and that glass of water she gave Mister’s  father).  Not good.

Today, I take control of me. Thus I take control of my side of the circumstance.  Actively controlling my thoughts works well for me.  In times of stress I counter negative stimuli with (should I dare say this) “HAPPY THOUGHTS“!  That’s right, I talked to Peter Pan, so what?

Seriously speaking, I’ve found that my “life will always follow my thoughts” (Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now) and that I will feel exactly the way I think.  I’m learning to intervene in the negative experiences that invade my life.  Do I really want to be absorbed with this for the next so-many hours?  Is this even worth me being pissed off about?  And when something does reach that level — and it will — I don’t want to view it through angry eyes, but rather through eyes of compassion and love showered upon  and directed at me first, which enables me to be less combative and argumentative, and more conciliatory and compassionate.

Thanks for the moments of your life shared with mine, and until the next post…

Have A Great Day!


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3 Responses to Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

  1. Doraz says:

    I do believe you got it down. 🙂 A positive attitude in life helps control all other attitudes thrown in the mix. 🙂 Have a great week.

  2. Maybe I should have read your post before writing mine! Really makes me think about this hatred thing a little more. Do I really want to be absorbed by this over the next so-many hours, days, months? I don’t know…but I don’t know how else to feel, either.

    • nobusysignal says:

      You needed to write just what you wrote. it is therapeutic, it’s necessary. And it is you right where you are now. anything else would be denial or repressive. you are on the right road just keep going don’t stop you’ll get there. Just learn to dump the toxins as you go. holding on to it creates blockage and over time blockage results in constipation…you what happens when you’re constipated-not fun.

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