Release It To Live

Holding onto anger is unproductive. It is a self-inflicted hurt as damaging as the original offense.  The last couple posts looked at the consequences  of mishandled offenses.

We come now to addressing healthy and wholesome ways of handling an offense.  This is never an easy thing to do.  However, in order to maintain balance and harmony we must release the longing for revenge and feelings of hatred.  They, more than anything else are the greatest threats to future peace of mind.

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2 Responses to Release It To Live

  1. mcurry says:

    Holding onto anger is very unproductive. If only we knew how unproductive it can be, if only we could see the hold the enemy has on the mind of those who hold anger toward another person. Anger turns to bitterness, then bitterness makes you sick. Next your body aches, and your mind begins to fail you. Then bring on the stress please with whipped cream and maybe a cherry on top, if you like it like that. Anger you are very unproductive and extremely clever. Who would have known that holding onto anger could lead you down so many paths that will eventually put you in a grave. Let it go! if you can’t do that, then pray to let it go.

  2. Donna says:


    Above all else don’t let your anger rule you, causing you to do the knee jerk reaction… cussing that person out, driving your car over them etc………

    Anger is a natural emotion that we must bring under our control. It is vitally important to find healthy ways to release our anger.
    I have learned to see anger as a red flag…..and I try to take the time to really look at the situation, what part did I play in it ? and why does this make me angry anyway ?…… I being selfish, childish ? is being angry going to help me or the situation to improve ?

    If someone has hurt my feelings or something has happened to make me angry… I look for ways to vent it that are not going to make it worse…..usually gardening does it for me,lol…….I find the hard work helps me release it. I have in the past actually written letters to a person who had hurt me, I kept them for a few days, re read them and sometimes re read them, but always came to the same conclusion………I’m no longer angry and was able to burn those letters and let it go !!……a little note here, be sure to destroy the letter if you write one, prying eyes don’t need to know !

    Some of us choose to vent our anger by talking it over with someone else, and that’s healthy as long as you choose someone who will keep it confidential and can have an objective opinion………

    Hope my 2 cents worth helps someone 🙂

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