Forgiving: The Life Blood To Peace of Mind

The most important person in your life is you. This may sound egotistical, nevertheless it’s true. It is not just true, it is absolutely true. If a person is no good for himself, he will be no good to nor for anybody else.

To that end, it is imperative that self is nurtured, loved, disciplined and educated. On an introspective level, an important area requiring attention is anything that disturbs or takes away one’s peace of mind. Hurts and offenses definitely qualify as Peace of Mind Killers.

Hurts and offenses can be real or perceived to be real. Real offenses (through omission or commission) are the result of someone treating a person in an unfair or unjust manner. Perceived offenses are those in which someone erroneously believes they have been hurt by something said or done to them.

Whether they are real or perceived as real, the end result is the same…pain. It’s how we deal with this pain that will be the subject of upcoming posts.

John Bevere’s book, “The Bait Of Satan” is an excellent resource on this subject.


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2 Responses to Forgiving: The Life Blood To Peace of Mind

  1. Karen Joyce says:

    very interesting, topic and discussion…you’re pretty knowledgeable, huh?

  2. mcurry says:

    Nicely said

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