Being Mindful of the Times…

Welcome to “No Busy Signal“. I’m actually happy you stopped by. We live in a time of information overload. We live in a time of busy — every one is in a rush to get somewhere else. And there’s no time for introspection or personal interaction.

It was pointed out to me recently, that this generation of young people today are totally unfamiliar with a busy signal. Remember in the past when you could dial a phone number and actually hear that aggravating buzzing sound? Today, with call waiting, three-way-calling and caller id, the idea of a busy signal has gone the way of the princess phone. Yet with all this potential access, we still are not in touch with ourselves or those around us.

In the coming posts, we will look at life from a different vantage point — with an eye toward getting in touch with the life that is all around us, focusing first on self. The real “significant other” is living and occupying the space behind our eye lids and between our ears.

So, thank you for your time today, I don’t take your time for granted. I do invite you back again for another moment with me and “No Busy Signal“.

Have a great day.


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Educated, interested and very much alive!
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One Response to Being Mindful of the Times…

  1. mcurry says:

    Impatients and the instant oatmeal syndrome is “the in thing” and both are bad habits to break.

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